Picked my classes taking math, Ethics, Japanese 1, and Classic Mythology  

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Hi there, first off great blog found it quite interesting! I followed : ) I was just curious if it wasn't TOO much trouble.. If you might have the time to share some books, websites, ect. That you have found to be MUSTREADS books you found helpful in your own studies/practice. It would be greatly appreciated!!!

I dont have any websites lol. I have my book list on my page all of them to me are must reads, but must read vary depending in your trad.

So on the half moon I decided to finish up my fetish/totem for a friend of mine who recently had some pretty bad health problems causing her to have facial surgery from a botched dental surgery. She’s fine and all but I wanted something I could send her to help keep her health in check to make the healing process move along. 

This particular fetish is filled with both poison and plants involved in healing. Brought to life through a ritual in which it was birthed on this night and gave breath. Afterwards bound in black cloth bound in white thread, the purpose is to keep his eyes shut until he received so he knows who his master is. 

Ugh I’m so lazy I still havent finished wisht waters lol its because I’ve been so head first into witchcraft that it gets tiring reading and practicing all the time and sometimes I need a small break which I might take in the next few months or so because I wanna focus on trying to get a car than a part time job so I can save up and leave cause honestly I hate where I am in my life I dont wanna live with family anymore I hat them so much lol. hopefully in a few months I can get a car, so I can get a part time job while I finish up on getting my associates and leave. 

I wanna move back to Colorado with my best friend it’s been like 3 years since I’ve seen him and I hate this state, its boring full of boring people, little job opportunities and little place for growth outside of Chicago which I have no desire to live in.  

Need a doctor and a car, Psoriasis by James Tanner 


I started a go fund me because I need to see a rheumatologist and need money to save up for a car. It would be great if some people would reblog and help spread the word. I dont have health insurance and it’s really difficult for me to see a doctor. 

Okay so I started a go fund me cause I’m starting to save up for a car and to see the doctor which means no more books for awhile :/ which makes me wanna die but it would be really great if a few of you could reblog and signal boost this ?


Alfie the Mandrake Giveaway!

Alfie the Mandrake needs a loving home. He is made of polymer clay and is one of a kind - I don’t use molds when making my mandrakes, so you can be sure you’ll be receiving an individual piece.

This giveaway is open for people in Australia, New Zealand, US, Canada, Great Britain & Ireland.

- Must be following me
- Must reblog this post
- Must be okay with giving out your mailing address and name

This isn’t just a reblog/like and I will pick a random number. Instead, I would like you to state where in your home he will be placed (on the mantle, children’s room, kitchen etc), how he will be used (magically? or other uses?), will be be brought to life or given a command, if so, how? And any other info you can think of. Most creative answer will be chosen as the winner.

Giveaway closes on August the13th, exactly one month from now.

Good luck everyone!

Ahh I love him the style is so perfect. He would sit on my little altar area not my main mess of a cunning folk work place/altar. He would sit next to my witches jar, my crystal ball, my bones and some other various oils and statues of power. I think I would def bring him to life, probably through the same ritual I use for all my clay fetishes. As I dont have my own mandrake totem, he would be pretty much perfect other than the real thing. The ritual usually consist of burring the item at some place relevant but because he’s so cute I would prolly skip that step so I wouldn’t ruin him. Instead I’d birth him on my working space.

Hopefully in like a week or so Ill have a list of blogs on my blog that I enjoy that actual show some real witchcraft, cause I’m tired of all these tumble witches not knowing shit. People need some real teachers. and luckily I know a few that are just amazing and hold them in highest respect. 

I go back from camping yesterday and it was really great. It was a really nice escape, I was able to mediate for awhile and really connect with the land. I went on like a million hikes so i took a lot of pictures. If l you go to my other blog cosmicphoto you can see all the pics I took like this one. it’s one of my favs. 

I go back from camping yesterday and it was really great. It was a really nice escape, I was able to mediate for awhile and really connect with the land. I went on like a million hikes so i took a lot of pictures. If l you go to my other blog cosmicphoto you can see all the pics I took like this one. it’s one of my favs. 


I just caved and ordered Hands of Apostasy. Seems like a great little book!

I know what you mean. I’m going to make sure I get in nice and early now before they sell out, which seems to happen really quickly now. Another one I want is Veneficium, which I can get for not a bad price even though now it’s sold out. But, I’ve heard mixed reviews so I’m a bit on the fence about it at the moment.

I have a copy of Veneficium, I didn’t even know it was gonna be like limited print when I ordered it, I just ordered it because poison path and seemed like a great book. 

Which it is I love that book it’s really good. I love the book, been planning on re-reading it sometime soon. But it’s a beautiful book, very very well written.


I’m tossing up what to order first. That one seems amazing, but I also really want Troy’s new Cecil Williamson’s Book of Witchcraft and I have a wishlist in Amazon of just books totalling over $400. So much to choose from :/

Lol my amazon wishlist for just my witchy books is prolly closer to the 2000 dollar category. 

But when I’m getting way new books I always check to see if the books are limited or not. Just because its way better for me to buy the limited book first cause I want to read it, and the second hand prices are just plan mental..