My Witchcraft 

So this is my section on my beliefs. I realized I’ve had this blog for awhile and I had no page for my beliefs and practices.

So my views are controversial in magickal community. Why? Well Witchcraft is my religion. ” But witchcraft is a practice…” said 98% of witches. Well it is, but that does not mean it’s not religious. One can argue well a witches religion would be a Pagan, but again Pagan is a broad term. I mean a Celtic pagan is gonna be different from nearly person to person.

It’s very apparent that witches in mythology and lore, are these people who call in the middle of the forest under a full moon the powers that be so to speak. They are people of the Earth, they are people that control the magick. They worship their own beings, this could be Bucca from Cornwall or the Mother Earth that the new agey sec of magick is worshiping  Witches have been known to devote themselves to their own gods. 

To me Witchcraft is something personal to you, that is you weave your own views of the world into it. Whether that be your patron deities or own spellwork. Everyone to some degree personalizes their magick. 

My witchcraft is my form of devotion to the Earth, to the magicks that inherit in the Earth. I believe nature to be above all, I do not see nature as a being, but a force, the force magick comes from. Without nature there is no magick, without magick there is no witchcraft. 

When it comes to gods, I believe in all gods. But I do not worship any currently. Looking into a few of the “darker” gods/goddesses. 

Also this is applied to divine beings as well, which in my book, Divine means a being a immense power over the universe, beings that have free rein to do what they please. This would lump beings such as Demons, Faeires..etc in that category. But I do acknowledge their existence.

So currently in my life I do not have patron deities, I worship nature.

I believe power comes from almost anything, anything can have power. To me the main magickal sources of the world from; The moon, The sun, Fire, Water, Air, Earth(crystals, rocks, non-plant parts of the earth), Plants, the mind, the universal energies(such as comets, planets, stars(other then our sun), Life(things that belong to a living thing, such as hair or blood) and death(spirits are included in this but also bones, skin, fur…)

Those are the things I draw power from.

My code of ethics are very non-neo-pagan religion. I do not hide from the darkness, or the light. I believe( to paraphrase a movie) magick is neither black nor white, it’s both because nature is both. I do not believe in the sin factor, not a “do what thou wilt but do not harm..”. I try to keep a balance in my life, if I practice and open myself to some darkness I want to enlighten myself to the light as well.

But in my world light and dark do not always mean that something dark is bad or something that is life is good. The “darker” magicks provide just as much a benefit as light, and light brings just as much “darkness”. A sense of without light there is no shadow, there is no shadow without some light. 

Who’s to say a love spell is light? You might be harming a person of will, who’s to say you cannot curse a person for being a bad person? We have the power to try and help the world and sometimes that means tapping into the darkness to fix things in your life.

Some of my favorite types of magickal practices are sigil work, herbal work(even though I am very much a novice there), meditation, and spellwork such as chanting.

My spells usually are translated into Latin, I do not know why. I love the sound of Latin  it just sounds great, it’s old and I have a thing for old stuff.

So I would translate a spell I made from English to Latin and say that, or I when working on sigils I like to get extra fancy and translate from English to Latin to Theban or Runic.

If I had to say where most of magickal Influnces come from I would say a lot of Cornish thanks to a friend, and Celtic in general.

So that’s a general overhaul of my Witchcraft, what I believe and practices. 

Feel free to ask me questions, I am bound to have my views changes in the future. I do not believe a path of magick is ever wrong, I do not dislike people who only practice “light” it’s just not my thing. If my practices are not your kinda thing, please do not try to discredit my beliefs or challenge them. 

Here’s a little bit more detailed explanation of how I got to my path